100% Vegetarian Habesha Recipe : Cooking Gomen Kitfo

Habesha ? Who We Are

“Habesha” also means “incense gatherer“ in the Mehri language.

Ethiopian and Eritrean diaspora have adopted the term “Habesha” in a broader sense as a supra-national ethnic identifier inclusive of all Eritreans and Ethiopians.

A third century inscription belonging to the Aksumite Empire, indicates that Aksum’s then ruler governed an area which was flanked to the west by the territory of Ethiopia and Sasu. The Aksumite King Ezana would eventually conquer Nubia the following century, and the Aksumites were thereafter referred to as “Ḥabasha in Arabic.[44]

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Help Eritrean Refugees in Your Community

Eritrean refugees and asylum seekers now live in many Western countries and all over the World. By personally assisting these refugees and asylum seekers, soul to soul, you can materially improve their experience and accelerate their independence within Western society, lets provide them with healing and with hope for our future’s. 

Create Awareness

What percentage of the Western world has any insight on Habesha experience?

The narrative has changed little since the early 1980’s.

As global warming accelerated desertification. Habesha communities were popularised as a hapless Famine ravaged people.

Today famine fatigue has been usurped by Migrant derision.

“We Promote Celebrate & Cherish all Habesha People Eritrean & Ethiopian ” 

We seek friends and advocates, support for our religious congregations, assistance for our associations and clubs, and representatives in Parliaments Bundestag  & Congress.  

And so, my fellow Habesha:
Ask not! What your people can do for you?

Ask what you can do for your People?

Help Feed Eritrean Families Affected by COVID
Against Covid19,  Together for Eritrea

What We Do?

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We are here to foster community support through Families, Schools, Clubs, Meet-ups, Drink-Ups.

Wherever two or more Habesha gather together to enhance the quality of life of families and individuals in the community.

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